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Save the Dates! 2nd Tuesday of Month is Our Usual Monthly Meeting Date - but See Below:
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    UPCOMING EVENTS  please come- Everyone Welcome!

Christmas Gathering Dec. 20th noon at Tony York's on Main


This year the League of Women Voters of Hardin County is working to revitalize Kids' Vote.  The program has been revamped to take place in the children's own classrooms.  The Hardin Co. School System, Elizabethtown Independent School System, West Point Independent School, St. James Parochial School, the Career Center, as well as private and home schools in the county will have children in the 4th through 12th grades cast their ballots on Friday, 10-31-14 before the Election.          The League will supply the ballots [Ballots are for United States Senator,  Hardin County Judge Executive, Hardin County Clerk, Hardin County Sheriff and Hardin County Jailer].  Ballots are taken to the schools' main offices.  League members will pick up ballots after votes are cast, then turn in the results to various Beta Clubs for counting.  Those results will be reported in the news media along with election results on Tuesday evening and Wednesday, 11-04 and 11-05.  Children will be given stickers when they vote. 

Retha Wilcoxson has done a marvelous job in coordinating this project.  A huge THANK YOU goes to Retha and all the volunteers participating in Kids' Vote 2014.

The November meeting of the  League of Women Voters of Hardin County will be 11/11/14 at Roxie's Restaurant @ 6 P.M.  Dutch treat dinner.  The program will be an evaluation of aspects of this year's Kids' Vote process. 

Monday  Sept. 15, 2014 7:00 pm Forum: County Clerk Candidates   at Central Office of Harding Co. Schools  
                                        8:00 pm Forum: Hardin County Sheriff Candidates  at Central Office of Harding Co. Schools  

Thursday  Sept. 25, 2014 7:00 pm Forum: Hardin County Judge Executives Candidates   at Central Office of Harding Co. Schools

Monday   Oct. 6, 2014  7:00 pm  Forum: Elizabethtown City Council Candidates   at Prichard Community Center

Everyone welcome- men & women invited for membership or to learn more on issues concerning voters.
Come & see how the LWV is involved in educational, political & environmental issues locally, in the state, & nationally.
LWV is bipartisian. LWV breaks for Summer but Starts Up Again Every September.